Urban Self-Reliance Survival Training

Now day’s survival is not a game and we take it very seriously and you need to do the same! We are here to show you the how to’s in real world urban survival no sugar coating here. The way the world is today you better have a plan for yourself and your family Learning survival shouldn’t involve a fear-based approach we are not doomsday preppers and at our courses, you won’t hear cropped-images333.jpgany doom and gloom rhetoric. Urban Survival training is meant to be empowering as you plan for your specific needs, acquire pertinent skills and find out what gear is really necessary while developing the confidence to face a real-world emergency. The gear we sell is designed to prepare you to survive. We look for the very best gear possible to keep you safe in an emergency. How trainers are the very best highly skilled professional we can find. Because we are a full-time survival training school, all of our teaching material and each skill have been extensively field-tested to provide you with information that can be relied upon. You won’t find any rehashed, 72-hour federal-agency checklists or reality-show gimmicks. Instruction is done in a professional and intense, yet friendly manner. We train you to use the gear you have on hand what to pack and what to have and how to use it.